Homework and Handwriting!

It was a pleasure to meet so many parents, carers and guardians at our recent Parents’ Day. Some of the key issues from our conversations were to do with handwriting and homework!


The majority of KS4 students are set homework to complete on unit. This work is normally to complement their KS4 programme of study to support them in their bid to gain qualifications.

At KS3 we have recently begun to set homework. In particular, we are keen for students to study an independent, flexible programme which focuses on an area of personal interest. Our first three students are having packs created as we speak!

Emily: Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’

Callum: Agatha Christie and crime writing

Kriston: Greek Myths

If you are interested in your child having a bespoke homework programme created for them then please do get in touch.


Many parents expressed concern over their child’s handwriting. In collaboration with our Occupational Therapist, Mrs Burns, we will be looking into conducting a handwriting audit across the school. We also plan to place a greater emphasis on handwriting from September.

Miss Brooks February 2014

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