Primary Pupils’ Revolting Roald Dahl Session

Roald Dahl 3Roald DAHL 2Roald Dahl 1Last Friday the English Department were joined by 15 pupils from neighbouring Primary schools. Together, we spent the afternoon exploring why Roald Dahl is such an amazing storyteller and how he creates such eccentric characters.

Firstly, we named as many Roald Dahl books and characters as we could. Then, we took a Roald Dahl quiz to find out which character we are most like. As the primary pupils we so nice they all came out as clever Matildas or kind Charlie Bucket’s. Luckily, there were no Mrs Twits!

Next, we matched characters to their descriptions and looked at how Roald Dahl makes them so memorable. After, we looked at effective story openings and Dahl’s famous opening lines.

Finally, we ended with a group secret writing session using the game Consequences, but with a Roald Dahl twist. 15 fabulously revolting stories were written and a great time was had by all.

Thanks to Mrs Reysenn for leading since a brilliant session and to Mrs Musgrove and Miss Brooks for supporting.

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