Powerful Writing

An extract from ‘The Hot Dog’ by Charlotte Hogan

“Whilst Max was looking in the piles of empty book covers, Shadow couldn’t resist the hot dog. So in one lick, it was gone in the blink of an eye. Shadow had eaten it! ‘Mmm’, he said, but before he could finish it, he started choking on a piece of paper. It must be a clue, thought Max; it must be from clubber rat – it is a riddle…”

An extract from ‘The girl who is deaf and who could not sign Makaton’ by Tom Grundy

“One windy night in a London hospital on November 26th, there was a baby born at midnight. The nurse told the mum and dad that she would be deaf. They were both upset, but mum believed that the baby could still be part of the family. It was a baby girl – they called her Rose because they thought it was a nice name.”

An extract from ‘Fins’ by Oliver Barry

“As I walked back to my home, I climbed up the cliff face and I got to the top, but when I recahed the top, I fell and fell! I tried to grab something but as I did I cut my hand, then I was encased in water.”


About springfields

SEND Teacher & Subject leader of ICT. Passionate about creating stimulating and engaging lessons, using technology creatively for SEND learners
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